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Dear customers, 

We have the honour and pleasure to bring to your attention a selection of complex projects for pharmacy furniture and pharmacy drawers and ​​unique interior solutions made by Stillman LTD – your new partner in Bulgaria.

Stilman specializes in  furniture for pharmacies, covering the whole process from design, manufacture and implementation of complex interior solution, including warranty, post-warranty service and maintenance. Also at Stilman you can find a wide range of pharmacy drawers, as the comany provides advice on choosing the right solutions for your area!


Quality furniture for pharmacies!

Our design and execution aim at the highest standards of quality, reliability, ergonomics and design.  Our approach is professional and responsible, aiming to build trust and partnerships.  Our team has plenty of initiative and is flexible. 

In our work we use high-tech machines and equipment for manufacturing and installing our products, modern software for 3D visualization of the project, a team of highly skilled professionals and high quality materials - all that is needed to achieve the desired quality at a competitive and fair price. 


Stilman is a ICAS distributor of drawers for pharmacies!


Mobilier farmacii - Stilman

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